3G Mentoring: A Relational Strategy for Working with

by Liz Selzer, Ph.D.  

Mentoring cultures cause dramatic improvements in the workforce, such as increased employee engagement, reduced turnover, better organizational communication, increased motivation, and growth in the appreciation of peoples’ strengths that leads to higher organizational performance.

As competition for jobs became more acute, certain challenges grew more pronounced. Specifically, ones associated with diverse generations, different genders, and global differences in the organizational landscape. These often caused conflict and reduced productivity in businesses and non-corporate organizations.

This book will help you learn the basics of mentoring, understand how to mentor people who are not like you, and why this is a critical strategy for organizations. Specific sections give a more in-depth look at each of the challenges posed by generational, gender, and global differences. Best practices and practical exercises included in each section will help you integrate this learning into your organization.

Mentoring is a powerful strategy for leveraging the three G’s into synergies rather than conflicts, promoting a dynamic, engaged workforce rather than a disconnected, unmotivated one. A mentoring culture, where people are valued and life-long learning is the norm, ultimately adds to any organizations’ bottom line finance.

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