A proven process for employee mentoring

A proven four-step mentoring process

A research-based mentoring process designed to help your employees get the most out of their mentoring experiences.

Research has shown that if mentoring relationships don't follow an intentional process, they tend to diminish over time.

If used effectively, the process will help your mentoring relationships form easily, work productively, and end in a natural and fulfilling manner.

"We are a successful company because our employees not only focus on making great products,
but also on making EACH OTHER great."

(Microsoft Corporation)


Improving organizational performance

Your organization can run more effectively as your employees impart best practices, share knowledge, and foster a collaborative environment.

Helps Organizations

  1. Retain high performers
  2. Sustain high levels of morale
  3. Prepare for succession
  4. Implement best practices
  5. Orient new employees faster
  6. Reduce learning time and cost
  7. Foster a collaborative culture


Helps Employees

  1. Develop skills and expertise faster
  2. Share knowledge and resources
  3. Collaborate cross functionally
  4. Become better coaches and leaders
  5. Follow best practices
  6. Reduce error and rework
  7. Make Each Other Great

Mentoring Skills Model


Research and experience with hundreds of mentor-mentee relationships has led to the development of a mentoring skills model that delivers effective results.


Specific process skills that lead to mutually satisfying and efficient mentoring relationships… and to productive outcomes for the organization.


  1. Core skills
  2. Mentor- specific skills
  3. Mentee-specific skills

"Instead of waiting for someone to take you under his wing, go out and find a wing to climb under."

Dave Thomas


A Blended Solution

A "blended" approach to training delivery allows for flexibility in the learning environment. A flexible learning solution:

  1. World-class e-Learning courseware delivered on CD-ROM and the web
  2. Video-based courseware
  3. Instructor-led classroom materials

Quick implementation

A high quality, adaptable mentoring solution that can be customized to your specific needs and budget. Employees can take courses at their own convenience, which reduces work interruption and lowers your cost.

  1. Flexibility and Customization:  The four-step mentoring process can be easily customized to your particular needs. It can work with informal, enhanced-informal, or formal mentoring processes. Use a proven approach to put a practical structure around your efforts.
  2. Comprehensive Solution:  Our solutions include all the components necessary to implement and achieve productive mentoring partnerships. This includes: mentoring resources, tools, training, and an optional web site structure for managing the entire process.
  3. Simple Implementation: The resources and tools, including the training, can be easily accessed through the Internet or intranet. This allows for unparalleled access to quality content and training by all employees.




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