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OPTI-MATCH is a web-based portal application designed to help you optimize, manage, and measure (evaluate) your mentoring initiatives.
































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OPTI-MATCH will assist you by providing:


  • Efficient participant matching through Match Central to optimize your mentoring partnerships.
  • Enhanced Relationship Management capability for any mentoring culture.
  • Improved Participant Communication capability with both automatic and manual notifications.
  •  “Best Practice” tools and resources to help your initiatives succeed. For example, Online Training for participants who choose to improve their mentoring skills.
  • Effortless Administrative Management to expedite self-sufficiency of your mentoring details.


Key Product Benefits:


  • Ensure your mentoring initiatives align with your organization’s objectives
  • Optimize your mentoring resources
  • Increase your mentoring culture’s reach and effectiveness
  • Improve overall participant satisfaction as well as personal and professional development
  • Measure and prove your mentoring culture’s value
  • Reduce your administrative effort – accomplish more in less time




Helps Organizations:


  • Customize and standardize profile questions and information
  • Establish and prioritize matching criteria
  • Manage communication and feedback with notifications and surveys
  • Automate the matching process
  • Optimize resources and performance
  • Minimize the administrative load


Helps Employees:


  • Manage their goals and development – personally and professionally
  • Prioritize their skill-building priorities
  • Develop skills and expertise faster
  • Share knowledge and resources
  • Become self-supporting
  • Increase their commitment to your organization
  • Prepare for new challenges


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