Mentoring That Makes a Difference DVD Training Program

by Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D.


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Mentoring That Makes a Difference

DVD Program by Linda Phillips-Jones, Ph.D.

The Mentoring Group’s DVD package includes two 43-minute DVDs, one directed at the mentors, the other at the mentees. The package also includes one copy each of The Mentor’s Guide, The Mentee’s Guide, Strategies for Getting the Mentoring You Need, 4-page Facilitator’s Tips, a Learner’s Guide for mentors, and a Learner’s Guide for the mentees. The package sells for $225.00/U.S.

Each DVD features a "fireside chat" in Dr. Linda's friendly, personable style, with footage of mentoring situations cut in to illustrate specific principles or activities, and pause points for discussion and/or to complete exercises.

The DVDs focus on The Mentoring Skills Model © developed by Dr. Phillips-Jones. These are the skills necessary to make a mentoring relationship work. Linda presents these skills as four shared core skills, which both mentors and mentees need, and five skills each specific to mentors and mentees.

Each DVD is divided into two parts, with Part 1 (28 minutes) the same in both DVDs. Part 1, deals with the four-shared core skills. In a logical and interesting way, Linda shows the viewer how these skills impact a mentoring relationship and suggests a number of tips and experience-based ideas for implementing these skills. Part 2, in the mentor’s version discusses the additional skills needed by the mentor, while Part 2 in the mentee’s version covers the specific skills needed by the mentee.

Mentoring That Makes a Difference DVD Package can be used for live training situations or as a self-paced learning resource for individuals or mentoring partners. The package would be a great addition to any resource library.

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